Modular Classrooms

Anchor Modular Buildings sells and leases custom-built, prefabricated modular classrooms and daycare facilities to support the needs of public and private educational institutions, daycare and training centers for businesses.

With ever changing demographics, fluctuating enrollments and shrinking budgets, schools are constantly challenged to provide sufficient classroom space for their students.  Conventional construction is time-consuming, expensive and can span multiple years, budget cycles and administrations.  Anchor Modular Buildings offers temporary or permanent modular classrooms which can be expanded, relocated or removed as school enrollments fluctuate.

Anchor Modular Buildings provides all of your needs including steps, ramps, decking, security systems and more.  We are ready to team with you to start your modular project today.  Please call us toll-free at (866) 396-0227 to speak with one of our project managers or send us an email for more information.